Brooke Waskewich started brookeSearch, LLC in late 2008, at the prompting of several of her Commercial Construction and Property Management clients, after several years in construction recruitment in Australia, and then in the USA, when she relocated to Maryland in late 2004.

As is not uncommon in this economic climate, the recruitment agency for which she worked brought in a new President with a background in IT recruitment, and subsequently it was decided to change the business model to IT.  That is when Brooke decided to start brookeSearch.

brookeSearch, LLC specializes in the direct hire placement of mid to senior level professionals in the Commercial Construction, Civil Engineering, and Property Management industries.

Power of Relationships

Brooke is very much relationship-driven, and works with each of her clients, to develop relationships, and understand their company’s culture, so that she has a clear understanding of the type of person who will do best in the position, and in the company.  With her clients, Brooke’s aim is to become a trusted Business Partner.

Brooke meets with every candidate with whom she works, and believes that in order to make a successful placement, it is as important that she fully understands the skills, experience and requirements of her candidates, as it is that she understands the corporate culture and expectations of her clients.  At brookeSearch, the culture is about more than simply skills and experience, when recruiting for mid to senior level professionals.  A major component in successfully placing candidates is finding the ‘right fit’ for the team.

Extensive Experience

Brooke has been trained in and has placed: Commercial Estimators, Pre-Construction and Construction Managers, Project Managers, Assistant Project Managers, and Superintendents, as well as Civil, Structural and Stationery Engineers, Commercial and Residential Property Managers, Asset Managers, Building Engineers, Facilities Professionals, and Property Management staff.  She has also recruited Contracts Administrators, Sales Directors, Program Managers, Lease Administrators, and Project Cost Accountants for the Commercial Property Management, Engineering and Commercial Construction Industries.

Integrity First

For Brooke and for brookeSearch, it’s not about the single order; it’s about the trust and the long-term relationships she has with her clients and her candidates.  In Australia, Brooke used to say to her clients that “at the end of the day, all we have is our integrity.”  Here, in the USA, she still firmly believe in that premise.  For Brooke, her reputation and her relationship with her clients and candidates is paramount.

To that end, Brooke is working with her clients in these challenging economic times, so that the financial impact of new hires is less stressful on their hiring budgets.